Shawn Senior Web Developer

With over 20 years of deep coding, software development, and web design, Shawn brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills.   Often knowing industry trends before they become standard and knowing how to build websites intuitively to this end, gives our clients a secret weapon.   Shawn is our heavy lifter, and we think he is kind of a superstar.   Few coders can communicate to clients directly and explain in clear concise laymen’s terms the project requirements.   Shawn is rare, and we know that you will love working with him.

He founded SwitchClick Corporation and oversees the development of many other projects, but we are always happy to be able to bring him to the table for our clients.  His mastery of Adobe products, Php, CSS, Javascript, and knowledge of all things web… he knows things often before we do.


Website Development
Graphic Design
SEO, Marketing Strategies