Barbican Lighting

This manufacturer needed a modern clean redesign of their website that would streamline their overall operations.  This project was developed over 9 months and incorporated a more streamlined efficient website.  Moving from ASP to PHP – and having the website custom built in WordPress.  The overall customizations incorporated an interactive product builder, that allowed their client base to pick their lighting products with all of the available options.   Material galleries offered over 250 selections, and conditional logic was applied for options and features.

The product builder was developed with conditional logic – which allowed for specific fixtures with varying diameters and source lighting did not have to be entered as separate products.  This enhancement took their current online product presentation from 257 down to a more realistic manageable 105.  Many products had to be entered as separate entities as their previous website did not allow for variances, and in specific product cases, gave the impression of having 8 separate products, when in fact it was 1 product with 8 different diameters.

This significant change improved efficiencies as the staff were no longer forced to enter 1 product 8 times, but entered 1 time with all flexible options.  Spec sheets were integrated directly into the product builder, eliminating the need for Barbican to maintain separate spec sheets.

Additional Upgrades included the expansion of the Shade Material Gallery – to offer over 1200 options for shade materials – as well as an interactive Iso metric Previewer of each product.